The Love Invasion Internship’s mission is the same as that of the Church: to expand the Kingdom by broadcasting the Gospel, to make disciples who gather with other believers into churches, and to train Christians throughout the region to do the same, so that all may experience the full Christ-life. (Matthew 28:18-20 & 2nd Corinthians 5:17-21).

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The world around us needs to know the love that the Father has for us, as made available by the sacrifice of Jesus. The internship serves the local church, by providing focused training, equipping, and activation opportunities for the Body of Christ to fulfill its mission with confidence and power as ambassadors of love!

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The “Habits of Witness” (H.O.W.) training is a “taste and see” event. At the hands of skilled practitioners with genuine and generous hearts, you’ll learn, practice, and walk away with usable tools for invading lostness with the Father’s love. You’ll also have a full understanding of what the Love Invasion Internship is, should you choose to join and take your harvest fruitfulness to the next level.

After the event, even if you haven't signed up for the internship, you’ll have access to follow-up training and weekly harvest opportunities.


Fellow pastors! We're excited that you are interested in further equipping your folks to serve Jesus in the Harvest. In times past, opportunities like this have been unwittingly used to move God's people from one church to another. This can be discouraging for leaders. Since Love Invasion Internship was created to multiply outward, rather than gather inward, we've put measures in place to ensure that enthusiastic interns remain committed to their "sending churches." Please take a look at this document. We hope it will be reassuring to you, and that you'll confidently encourage your members to use this internship as part of your church's strategy for serving God in His great Kingdom work.